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Cove Run Lake Office

110 Cove Lake Lane
Caryville, TN 37714

Indian Mountain State Park

143 State Park Circle
Jellico, TN 37762

269 Luther Seiber Blvd
Caryville, TN 37847
Two boys kayaking in a lake


Cove Lake is located just 11 minutes from Royal Blue RV Park. It’s a 210 acre lake in a 600 acre state park, that is open to all personal kayaks or canoes. It has beautiful scenic views of a mountainous valley located on the edge of the Cumberland Plateau. It is also a great place to view migratory birds, waterfoul, and various other nesting species, so bring your binoculars!

Cove Run Lake
  1. This lake is for personal kayak/canoes only. There are no paddling rentals at this time.
  2. They do offer row boat rentals for half day @ $15.00 and full-day @ $24.00.
  3. Inflatable kayaks or canoes are also not permitted. The lake is very shallow and can pop your kayak!
  4. PFD’s are not required by law for adults, but it is highly suggested everyone in your party wears one.
  5. There is an $8 launch fee for each vessel.
Indian Mountain State Park
  1. Kayaks, paddleboards, pedal boats, row boats are all available for rent at the following prices per person:
    • Kayaks $7.00/hr.
    • Paddleboards $7.00/hr.
    • Pedal Boats $2.50/hr.
    • Row Boats $4.00/hr.
  2. Electric trolling motors are allowed on the lake.
  3. PFD’s are not required but it is recommended everyone in your party wears one.