Off Road

Permit Information
Front of a Jeep - headlight and fender with off road tire visible

Off Road

We are located just minutes from the Royal Blue, Tackett Creek, Brimstone Recreation, and Sundquist within the North Cumberland WMA. Jay, our owner, is extremely familiar with all of the trails and would be happy to take you out or direct you to appropriate trails based on your experience! There is an ice machine available to everyone, just off the entrance to our driveway. We offer the cheapest ice in town, bag included! Just look for the large cross, viewable from the highway, and you can’t miss us!

1Things to Know

A few things all riders should be aware of:

  1. You must hold a valid driver’s license to drive on the roadways
  2. A DOT helmet, goggles, and seat belts (where applicable) are required.
  3. A minimum of 500 sq inches of fluorescent orange should be worn on the head and chest area during deer-gun and muzzleloader hunting seasons. This is at the end of October through January. Please check HERE for exact dates.
2Riding Regulations for Roadways

It is legal to operate your UTV on certain designated County and City roads if you follow certain restrictions to keep everyone’s safety in mind.

  1. Drivers must be at least 16 or older with a valid drivers license.
  2. Proof of insurance is required.
  3. Must stay on designated roads/riding areas
  4. Must obey to all roadway laws
  5. Helmet, goggles, and seat belts (if applicable) are to be worn at all times.
  6. Checkpoints will be conducted to ensure safety on roadways.
  7. Only operational during daylight hours.